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How to Educate Preschool Children?

March 18, 2021

At the beginning of a child’s life, there is not much difference. The reason why the distance is separated later is all because of family education. Especially the education of 0-6 age group has a profound impact on the child’s life. Then, how to educate the school age What about the children before? It is recommended that parents start with the following early education areas to provide a full range of early education for their children:

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Sushi Kit For Kids

The first early education area that needs education: play with children, cultivate children's interest in sports

When the baby can crawl, play crawling games with the baby; when the child can walk and run, play football, run, and do various sports with the child. In a word, play crazy with the child. Such Parent-Child Games can not only strengthen the parent-child relationship with the child, but also make the child's body stronger and make the child fall in love with sports. Because in sports, children experience the joy of interacting with their parents, so that children have a good impression of sports since childhood, and children who love sports are more physically and mentally.

The second early education area that needs education: develop your baby's hands-on ability and do your own things by yourself

Parents must not think that the baby is small and can't do anything, just do it for the child. This behavior is not to help your child, nor to love your child, but to stifle the child’s ability to survive. Therefore, parents should try their best to let the baby do what they can do at this time. When the child is done, use wearing The high hat method allows children to experience the sense of joy and accomplishment brought by labor.

The third early education area that needs education: Cultivating children's aesthetic and artistic temperament

At first glance, this aesthetic and artistic temperament is of no use, but this temperament is an important temperament that is indispensable for your child's future to excel and break the professional ceiling.

Parents will ask how to land such a tall thing? It's actually very simple, as long as parents take time every day to enjoy beautiful music with their children, sing nursery rhymes to the baby, and when the child sings, beat the baby to let the child feel The beauty of the rhythm of the music, and at the same time let the baby listen to some classical music to improve the baby's appreciation ability.

Not only music, but also in painting, children should also be allowed to paint and observe beautiful things around them through painting. Painting can stimulate the baby's right brain development, enhance imagination and thinking in images, and improve children's aesthetic appreciation. Try to take the time to take your baby to participate in various exhibitions such as painting exhibitions, film exhibitions, sculpture exhibitions, etc., which will bring rich nutrition to the child's spiritual development.

The fourth early education area that needs education: Make good use of toys to cultivate children's healthy and optimistic personality

There are many types of toys. All the things that children can play with are called toys. Parents have to correct a misunderstanding. It is not the things that are bought that are called toys. Parents should be good at using anything at hand, using them as toys to inspire and guide their children's interests, and give them proper cognition and guidance.

When choosing toys for children, different toys are chosen for different ages. such as:

When you are 0-1 years old, try to choose touch toys and toys with bright colors, beautiful sound quality and easy to grasp for your children. But be careful not to give your baby a toy that is too small to avoid swallowing it by mistake.

When you are 1-2 years old, choose some draggable toys for your baby, toys that can train the fine movements of the hands, such as Sushi Kit For Kids, building blocks, etc.

When you are 2-3 years old, choose toys that stimulate your baby's imagination. For example, the small tableware, building blocks and removable toys of the house.

When you are 3-4 years old, give your baby some intellectual toys, such as seven tricks, puzzles, etc.

In short, parents should borrow these toys to stimulate children's various abilities and interests.

The fifth early education area that needs education: Take your baby into nature, nature is the best teacher, let nature teach children survival ability

The flowers, plants and trees in nature have great wisdom. Children can learn many useful survival skills through understanding the natural world. At the same time, they can also enlighten children's deep wisdom and make them a smart person.

The sixth early education area that needs education: Bring children to the world and cultivate children's wide-ranging hobbies

Parents must not think that taking their children around is a waste of time. In fact, this is a shortcut to cultivate a wide range of hobbies. It’s okay to take your baby to travel and let your baby see more things; take your baby to museums, places of interest, villages, etc. . If possible, parents can also take their children to participate in some colorful activities, such as photography, fishing, planting flowers, raising small animals and so on.

In short, parents should try to expose their children to more things, the so-called knowledgeable. The more knowledgeable children have more knowledge and broader thinking than other children, and of course they are more intelligent.

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