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How Should Children's Painting Enlightenment Begin?

November 27, 2020

Aesthetic education is a kind of perceptual education. For most children, the purpose of aesthetic education is not to train professional artists, let alone painters, but to cultivate children's artistic abilities, teach them an aesthetic vision, and learn to use their own Color Water Pen, through creativity and imagination to beautify life and enhance spirituality. Let our children grow into people who love, create and enjoy beauty in a scientific aesthetic education environment.

How to make children more competitive?

Ma Yun said: Knowledge can be learned, but wisdom is an experience. The future competition between humans and machines is a competition of wisdom and a competition of experience. The biggest challenge for us today is the reform of the education system. If you don’t let your children experience it and don’t let them learn art, I can guarantee that they will not find a job in 30 years!

In the era of artificial intelligence, anxious parents, in order to allow their children to gain a foothold in society in the future, many choose to let their children learn to paint, even celebrities! Zhang Yimou, Faye Wong, Zhao Wei, Huang Lei, Sun Li, Xia Yu, Lu Yi, Tian Liang, Li Xiang, Yi Nengjing... These celebrity parents post their children’s paintings on Weibo from time to time. The 12 Colour Pencil lead works can be seen across the screen. Feel full of pride and happiness!

Color Water Pen

Color Water Pen

Why are celebrities' children painting?

1. Cultivate imagination and creativity to make children smarter

To train children, start from drawing. Through drawing, the five abilities of hands-on ability, eye coordination, language ability, emotion and enthusiasm, and social ability can be developed in a balanced manner. More importantly, painting can stimulate imagination and thinking, trigger potential, and make children become creative people so that they can be used in life and career naturally and freely in the future.

2. Know how to draw, which is conducive to better ease of emotions

People have various emotions every day. Many children lose their tempers randomly because they cannot express them through words and there is no other good way of expression. If the child can paint, there will be an additional way to relieve emotions, which will be more conducive to the healthy development of the child's body and mind. Moreover, the relationship between parents and children can be sublimated through Parent-Child Painting.

3. Enrich life experience and cultivate a happy child

Through artistic activities, contact with various creative materials can greatly enrich children's life experience and enhance their understanding of things. It is the most fundamental joy for a person and the source of happiness to be able to draw vividly the real world that one has been moved, and to gain the understanding and resonance of others.

4. Cultivate good aesthetic taste and increase social competitiveness

The child absorbs everything from the growth environment that he sees every day. If the child is exposed to a disordered and uncoordinated color environment for a long time, the message received is disorderly and uncoordinated, and his life's aesthetic vision is already below the level, no war. defeat.

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