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Do You Know All These Benefits Of Letting Your Baby Learn To Clean Up Toys?

August 24, 2020

Toys are an indispensable partner in a child's growth process. Letting the baby learn to clean up the toys by himself will benefit him throughout his life. Let's take a look at the benefits of learning how to pack toys for children's growth!

1.Develop physical and mental skills

Packing toys is not an easy task. It requires children to run around, learn to distinguish and classify, and finally group the same kind. This can train children's observation, understanding, resilience and physical stamina, so that children can get physical and mental skills exercise in housework.

2.Cultivate children's sense of family responsibility

The family is a big environment, and every member of the family has the responsibility to participate in the construction of the family. As a member of the family, the child can also do some housework within his capacity, so that he can deeply realize that he is also a member of the family, such as helping his mother clean the house together, and tidy up all his toys.

3.Help children be independent

What children at this age need to learn most is to take care of themselves. After they have learned to eat, brush their teeth, and drink water by themselves, what should they learn next? Learning to pack toys by themselves is also a very important part of self-care for children. After you become the habit of packing toys, you can teach your children to clean up their own room. This is a gradual process.

4.Promote parent-child emotional exchange

Packing up toys is a task that requires the mother and baby to work together. In this opportunity to work together, mother and baby are equal. To complete this work together, the child will experience the joy of working with the mother and understand the hard work of the parents. Like Parent-Child Toys, this is also a process of promoting emotional communication.

Parent-Child Toys

Parent-Child Toys

How can parents guide their children to learn to clean up toys by themselves? Let's take a look at these 4 training methods.

1.Learning method

Just like playing with Educational Toys For 3 Year Olds children, let the child play in middle school. If there is a little guy in the house who is eager to learn, you can let him learn while packing toys, for example, "I pile round blocks together, you put Put the square blocks together" "Please put 8 pieces of puzzle in this box and 6 pieces of puzzle in that box", adding the concepts of shapes, numbers, and colors to the division of labor, this process not only improves children's learning Interest, and completed housework.

2.Guide method

It doesn't matter if your child is playful, you can use housework as a game to attract him. "Let’s play a game to help toys find a home. These building blocks need to go back to the wooden box house, and those Barbie dolls need to go back to their bedroom. The Superhero Set just finished playing bad guys and need to charge them." Class is in, can you let them stand in the corner and line up to listen to your lecture?" Using such language, the child will not feel that doing housework is a burden, on the contrary, it will increase his enthusiasm.

3.Encouragement method

Encourage children to make progress in time, such as "today's movements are much faster than yesterday" and "this time is a bit neater than last time." Let children be full of confidence in their progress at each stage, so that they can have greater enthusiasm for the next labor.

4.Penalty law

For children who are more mischievous, sometimes they have to use small punishments, for example, "If you refuse to pack the toys by yourself, the toys will get angry and hide." Then you can hide the toys first to let the child experience the feeling of loss and let him learn Cherish the toys and devote yourself to packing up toys.

After talking about so many practical methods, have parents got it? Give it a try with your baby!

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