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Push Pop Bubble Fidgets Sensory Toy. Last Mouse Lost.

March 02, 2021

Nowadays, there are silicone products and educational toys on the market, which can solve the problems of children’s education and entertainment at the same time. This series of silicone products of Last Mouse Lost educational toys has become one of the most popular silicone educational products. The big e-commerce platforms have their hot sales figures.

Push Pop Bubble Fidgets Sensory Toy. Last Mouse Lost.

The Last Mouse Lost toy is a two-person interactive game suitable for all ages. Its design concept is to exercise the logical thinking ability of children and adolescents (middle-aged and elderly people can also be practical). For children and adolescents to play, how to cleverly arrange to force the opponent to press the last mouse requires overall planning and strong mental arithmetic ability; middle-aged and elderly people can play a role in preventing brain degeneration. The main body of the product made of pure silicone material, yes, they are very light and can be carried around at any time.

The silicone products of the Last Mouse Lost series have jumped out of the original design in shape, extending a variety of different shapes, and have stronger market adaptability in terms of style characteristics, as young as 4 to 14-year-old children There are few faces, and middle-aged and elderly people over 60 can play.

Push Pop Bubble Fidgets Sensory Toy. Last Mouse Lost.

Game rules:

1.Each person takes turns pressing the raised mouse, and the last person who presses the mouse loses.

2.Each person can press one mouse at a time, or multiple mice, but they must be connected.

3.Each person can only press the mouse in one row at a time, not alternate rows.

But don't underestimate this simple rule. If you want to win, you must implement overall planning, proficient logical reasoning, perform verbal arithmetic and mental arithmetic, and use knowledge of odd and even numbers during the game.

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