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This is an interesting year, but history tells us that the holidays are still coming.

August 05, 2020

To celebrate Christmas in July, Jakks Pacific, Toy Book, Toy Insider and other platforms will launch three new seasonal products this fall to spread a little festive joy.

This is an interesting year, but history tells us that the holidays are still coming.

Two of them will definitely be welcomed by Arctic lovers and the third will strike a delicate balance between Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

This is derived from director Jon Feiru's 2003 classic holiday movie "Elf". A partner, a talking elf plush, appeared. This 12-inch plush doll is reminiscent of classic toys and comes with a pull cord that can activate 15 buzzwords from the voice of actor Will Ferrell.

Buddy's head is Pharrell's PVC head, which can sit upright and let Santa Claus out.

The Pacific Elf advent calendar, children and families can use the Christmas Advent calendar to calculate the date of Christmas. There are 24 days of Elf themed surprises in the calendar. There is an inch stylized number on the calendar, representing the characters Buddy met on his way from the North Pole to Manhattan. The box can also be used as a pop-up environment, perfect as a perspective painting for play and display. The set includes Buddy, Papa Elf, Snowman of Lyon, and more.

"Home Alone" directed by Joe Danti, director of the Pacific Monster Countdown Calendar, always makes people ask the question: "Is this a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie?" The answer is both. With this in mind, Grimlins’ countdown calendar is full of 31 days of horrible surprises that children and collectors can discover on Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

The box is also a pop-up, designed to look like a movie theater in a movie. The inspiration for the characters including 1 inch comes from Gramlin and its sequel, Gramlin 2: New Batch. Fans' favorite Gremlins and Mogwai include Stripe, Gizmo, and more. All of these new products by Jakks Pacific are designed for children 4 years and older and created under the authorization of Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Expect them to be available this fall.

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