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The difference between Gel Pen, Signature Pen and Ballpoint Pen

September 14, 2020

Whether in school or in the company, whether in study or work, one thing we cannot do without stationery is a pen, which is an indispensable thing in daily life. Among them, gel pens, signature pens and Ballpoint Pens are commonly used in the market for pens. What is the difference between the three? Here is a brief introduction.

Gel pen

In fact, gel pens and signature pens are the same in many occasions. Generally speaking, gel pens are regarded as signature pens, but in fact, the signature pen refers to the rollerpen, which is the rollerpen, which is more strictly speaking. In this way, the ballpoint pen is obviously different, because the ink is oily and the signature pen is water-based. In addition, the ballpoint pen is slippery when writing, so it is easy to write continuous characters quickly, and the water pen has a certain friction when writing, which is convenient for better control of the nib and helps to write good-looking characters, just like a pen, but the pen needs to be filled with ink frequently. Moreover, the amount of ink written is sometimes difficult to grasp, so the water-based pen was born, which can be said to be an improvement of the fountain pen.

Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint Pens

signing pen

For the high school entrance examination, a signature pen is required. Generally, gel pens are required. Ball Pen are best not. Ballpoint pens are not acceptable because the writing is thick and easy to bleed. In fact, the higher-end ballpoint pens are acceptable. The company also uses a ballpoint pen to sign documents. It is a special type of document, generally marked as fordocument, but it is not available for domestic high school entrance examinations. The writing medium of the ballpoint pen is oily, so it is not easy to identify when scoring. Generally speaking, the signature pen required for the college entrance examination is the gel pen. Now the gel pen has developed into two types: ordinary gel pen and eraser-erasable gel pen. Erasable ink for gel pens It can be erased with a normal eraser.

Ballpoint pen

According to industry standards, all writing tools that use ball rolling to bring out the writing medium to form handwriting are collectively called ballpoint pens. In recent years, ballpoint pen products have developed rapidly. It has developed from traditional oily ballpoint pens to neutral ballpoint pens, water-based ballpoint pens, medium oil ballpoint pens, erasable ballpoint pens and Twist Ballpen. The oily writing medium is the traditional oily ballpoint pen; the watery writing medium is called the water-based ballpoint pen, the writing medium viscosity is between oily and watery, called the neutral ballpoint pen; the writing medium viscosity is between oily and medium The ones with pens are called medium oil ballpoint pens; those with erasable writing medium are called erasable ballpoint pens. Gel pens, water-based pens, erasable ballpoint pens, medium oil pens and other products are all ballpoint pen products.

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