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Teach You How To Clean Greasy Rags

September 23, 2020

1. Add edible alkali and cook

Edible alkali has a good degreasing effect and can effectively remove oil stains. Put the Biodegradable Dishcloth into the pot, add an appropriate amount of clean water, add edible alkali after boiling, stir back and forth to fully dissolve it, boil it for five minutes, then remove it and rinse. If there is mildew on the rag, you can also scrub it with light alkaline water to remove it.

2. Add eggshell and cook

The egg white will remain in the egg shell, and the egg white contains alkali substances, which can react with the oil to hydrolyze to achieve the purpose of decontamination. Put the Dishcloth into the pot, add eggshell and water, boil on high heat, cook for about 6 minutes, then remove and wash.

Biodegradable Dishcloth

Biodegradable Dishcloth

3. Add lemonade and cook

Lemon contains volatile oil. During the heating process, the volatile oil evaporates quickly, which can quickly dissolve oil stains. When cleaning the cloth, the lemon juice should not be too little, so you can squeeze out the lemon juice to soak the cloth, then put it in a pot and boil, then remove and wash.

4. Boil in soapy water

The long-term accumulation of grease stains on the rag tends to feel sticky. Boiled in soapy water can effectively remove greasy dirt. Put the rag into the pot, add soapy water and boil, then take it out to scrub and dry it in the sun.

Wood Pulp Dishcloth should basically maintain the necessary softness, cleanliness, not too hard, and should not have a sticky feeling, especially should not have obvious dirty marks. It is suggested that people should decide whether they need to be replaced according to the cleanliness of the cloth, and try to change it every two or three months. When choosing a rag, you can also choose a suitable material according to the purpose. For example, in addition to the special cleaning cloth sold in the supermarket, the dish cloth can also be made of traditional loofah, which can decontaminate and is environmentally friendly.

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