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What to Consider When Choosing a Paper Notebook?

June 19, 2021

PU Notebook Suppliers share with you the factors to consider when choosing a notebook, hope it will be helpful for you

A simple notebook has many advantages over a tablet. It doesn't need to be charged, is inexpensive, lightweight, and can produce a tactile sensation that a stylus has not yet been able to reproduce. It may even encourage creative thinking, make you more focused, and keep you sharp as you age. And it always launches the right application to take notes. Pulling out a well-thought-out notebook and a nice pen conveys the owner's elegance and lack of distraction by whim.

PU Notebook

PU Notebook

But that doesn't mean picking a good Pu Notebook is easy. A better strategy is to learn about the different types of notebooks so you can make your own most informed decision while avoiding the obvious rejects.


First, let's talk about size. Notebook sizes are pretty much standardized, but not completely, and vary depending on what you see in Europe or the US.


Once the size has been determined, you must consider binding, which is the method of binding the paper into a notebook. There are several different types of bindings, and certain types of bindings are more commonly used for certain sizes of notebooks. Stitched bindings, or a combination of stitched and glued, do not have these problems: this style is lightweight, allows the notebook to lay flat, and keeps the pages firmly in place. You want a stitched binding.


Paper weight can be a tricky issue. You may think that thicker paper is better, but this is not always the case. Paper is measured by weight

Number of pages

This may also vary in terms of the amount of paper you want. If you're not sure, one option might be a removable paper system.


The other major choice you must make between laptops is whether to have a soft or hard cover. Soft cover laptops can become very personalized, taking the shape of the owner's pocket. Hard covers look more formal and professional, but it really depends on your office environment.

Blanks, rules and grids

The last factor you must consider is the style of the pages. The most common styles are blank, regular and grid

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