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Introduction And Drawing Method of Colored Pen

January 24, 2021

The pigments in the Color Water Pen are made of transparent dyes, so they have high transparency and strong penetrating power on paper. There are many kinds of colors, from dark to light, from pure to gray, from warm to cool, there are dozens of colors. Its nib is made of hard fiber material, has a certain degree of flexibility, and is very smooth in use and easy to grasp. You can directly choose coloring.

The works drawn with colored pens are colorful, light and lively, and can draw very loud picture effects, very attractive, and most suitable for children who are beginners to paint. The Color Water Pen Company also provides a variety of watercolor pens to provide painting needs while also satisfying children's curiosity about new things

colored pens

colored pens

The colored ink pens are easy and flexible to use. Different types of colored ink pens can be used for colored ink pens. The method of using colored ink pens can be to draw thin lines with the tip of the pen and thick lines with the side of the pen tip. Large areas of color can also be directly dyed with the pen core. Out, and each color can also cover each other for color adjustment. Since colored pens are not as easy to modify as pencils, children can exercise their good habit of drawing boldly.

In the performance of watercolor strokes, there are flat line coating method, point line and surface combination method, color block combination method, etc., as well as the overlapping line method and water solution method. I hope the children will continue to explore in the practice of painting! Of course, if you want to buy, you are welcome to contact the Color Water Pen Supplier.

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