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Painting is Better Intellectual Development, Do You Know Why?

December 11, 2020

Many parents think that letting children memorize Tang poems, recognize letters, and learn nursery rhymes is the best intellectual development before school. Is that true? Some scientists believe that painting is better for intellectual development. Do you know why?

Better memory

Perhaps seeing children’s paintings that have no artistic sense at all, the first reaction of adults is scribbling. This is understandable. If children’s Paintings are completely in line with the aesthetic point of view of adults, then they cannot be called imagination. Such as Apple, because the imitated Apple is not a real re-creation. But this does not mean that children's paintings are meaningless, but that there is a lack of understanding of children's works in our adult thinking. In their view, a small circle is a cloud and a character image, and a few uneven lines are a house and a few trees. If we observe carefully, the earliest Oracle bone inscriptions used by the ancients are like children’s unconsciousness. Memory Oh!

The children searched through the memories they had stored in their minds when they felt foreign objects, and then expressed them abstractly in a childish and naive way. There are even psychologists who believe that children’s creativity is the highest before the age of 5, almost equivalent to master painters. The content of their paintings is not nothingness, but a kind of memory restoration of reality, but the way of expression is not our usual way of receiving it as adults.

More observation

When your child happily points to the little weird in his painting and says that this is super, that is invincible, don't hit him with distrustful eyes. Although the picture is a little messy and the shape is a little outrageous, have you ever noticed that these things that we often dismiss in daily life, in what role or posture appear in the world he perceives?

In fact, this is the performance of children's observation ability. They are not limited by a fixed pattern, they can pay attention to many details that adults can no longer notice, and their inner world is sometimes more sensitive and delicate than that of adults.

Face Body Paint Sticks

Face Body Paint Sticks

Better imagination


Why is it so difficult for us to understand what a child draws?

Because we are different from children's imagination and cognitive ability. Adults like rules and real things, and children’s world is full of fairy tales, flowers can sing, the sun has a beard, the bunny is holding a balloon, the TV has two hands...this is just imagination The best performance.

At the same time, the use of colors can show the children's bold imagination. They paint colors according to their own interests and wishes. Red little people, green houses, blue kittens... But don't use outrageous To understand the world they see, because in their eyes, the world is inherently colorful.

Emotions can be vented in time

The famous educator Diest. Weihe pointed out: “You can get more things from one hour of painting than nine hours of watching.” This is why many psychologists sometimes ask the patient to paint first when treating patients. There is also this item in child psychology. Through the analysis of children's drawings, the root causes of children's emotions and mental illness can be obtained.

Children have a childlike nature and a strong desire to express themselves, and their joy, anger, sorrow, and joy are on paper. When they couldn't express their inner world in rich language, painting came into being through the combination of hand and brain.

In other words, in fact, every painting is a portrayal of a child's true inner thoughts and an external expression of the child's emotions. Let me tell you a little secret: If your child's graffiti has stiff, mixed, overlapping lines and dim colors, these indicate that he may be in bad mood at the moment. On the contrary, if the child’s graffiti lines are soft, rich and bright, it means that the child’s mood is healthy and the mood is good.

Painting makes the left and right brains work together

In daily life, the main development of hands-on ability is the left hemisphere of a person, thinking about what to draw, how to draw, and the control of the opponent's movement, which will promote the intellectual development of the left brain.

When drawing, children unintentionally cultivated the cognitive ability to judge colors, shapes, and spatial positions, which are very beneficial to the development of right brain intelligence.

Therefore, painting can simultaneously activate the left and right brains. In the process of continuous painting and creation, children will constantly break the original thinking and stereotypes. When receiving new things from the outside world, inspiration is triggered, and the left and right brains start at the same time.

So what kinds of children's brushes are there?

1. Crayons and oil pastels: the preferred drawing tools for infants and young children. It is easy to hold and draw, the effect is good, the lines are rough, and the color is easy to paint; but it is easy to break, it is best to put it in an open box, the box should be larger and shallower, easy to pick and place;

2. Color Water Pen: This pen is bright in color, easy to draw lines and color;

3. Bulk Colored Pencils: the best pencils for children are soft refills;

4. Brush: used for watercolor and ink painting, and teach children how to use it.

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