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How To Choose Toys for Preschoolers?

January 11, 2021

Nowadays, there are many kinds of children's toys. So, how should preschool children choose among the massive toys? We might as well classify various toys according to their functions:

Toys that stimulate the development of physical movement

Such as various types of balls, vehicles that can be pushed or dragged, tunnels that can crawl, and rope skipping.

When playing with these toys, children will be stimulated to run, jump, climb, walk, climb and other sports, which can promote the development of the coordination of children's entire body movement.

Parent-Child Toys

Parent-Child Toys

Toys that stimulate the coordinated development of hand movements

Such as building blocks that can be piled high and piled up objects, plasticine that can be used for different manual tasks, beads and ropes that can be worn, various sticky toys, etc.

These toys help to exercise children's fine finger movement and hand-eye coordination.

Language toys

Such as various picture books and story books.

By reading books and telling stories, you can improve your child's language skills.

Intellectual sex toys

Such as puzzles, tangrams, nine-links and Rubik's Cube.

These toys can promote the development of children's thinking and imagination.

Imagination and creativity toys

Such as building blocks, plasticine, paper and pen, sand, Sushi Making Set, etc.

Playing with these toys does not have a fixed structure and results, and creates different works completely based on my own imagination.

Musical toys

Can produce sounds and music, such as music boxes, whistles, simple instruments, etc.

It can promote the development of auditory discrimination and musical rhythm.

Social play sex toys

Such as various Parent-Child Toys, toy figures, toy animals, trains, cars, clothes, tools.

Use these toys for role-playing, interpersonal interaction, simulating life, and developing imagination.

Emotional expression and vent toys

Such as balls, tumblers, boxing bags, tigers, dinosaurs and other beast toys.

In the process of playing, children can express and vent their anger, so as to vent their emotions and promote the improvement of emotion control ability.

As a 3-6 year old preschooler, it is an important stage of exploring the world, especially the "play house" toys with acting and simulating life are their favorite.

It should be noted that safety factors must be considered first when choosing toys. For example, it is necessary to remove plastic packaging bags to prevent children from playing alone and can swallow small toy components in the import, or toys with rope attachments, so as to avoid accidents such as suffocation.

Do not buy toys with paint or other coatings, because young children like to bite toys with their mouths. Dyed toys may lead to lead levels.

Toys with rough surfaces and corners, easy to break or rust, and easy to loose parts pose safety hazards and are not suitable for children to play.

Choose the right toys and let your children explore the world as much as they want! If necessary, you can always contact the Toy Supplier

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