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Homemade Toys Are Fun

December 28, 2020

"DIY Toys" is also a brand-new toy concept that is currently popular in the world, that is, adults and children use various living materials or natural materials to make toys. , What if the simple "playing" toy is guided to let children participate in the "making" of toys?

"Self-control" is a process of using brains, hands, and mobilizing children to actively participate. From determining what to do, you need to find materials, make plans, try to make, continuously modify and supplement, and finally form a "toy" that is more consistent with the original idea. This process is originally a process of "playing", and it is a process of creating "playing". It can satisfy the children's psychological needs for active participation and success, thereby inspiring children's creativity and practice.

The self-made process helps children understand "toys". The self-made process allows children to understand clearly how toys are "made", especially Educational Toys For 3 Year Olds. In this process, children's cognitive abilities will develop accordingly.

DIY Toys

DIY Toys

Homemade toys create the possibility of multiple people participating. Homemade toys can give full play to everyone's strengths and participate together. For example, the father finds materials, the mother sews, and the baby pastes them; it is also possible to let several children take their own responsibilities, make a beautiful cooperation, and learn to cooperate with different people in the process of "making".

As long as parents are willing to spend their time, they can create many toys and games at home that are beneficial to the physical and mental health of their children. Let the child do it together. Not only can he exercise his observation and hands-on skills, but he will also cherish this toy and learn to respect the labor of others. At the same time, such Parent-Child Toy time can also make the relationship more harmonious.

Life is also a process of learning. Children have to learn, and parents also have to learn. The learning process cannot be bought for much money. Don't hesitate, from now on, let's do it together!

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